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Greece Islands

General information  for Greece Islands routes

Discover the  Greece Island,Ikaria, Samos, Patmos,Symi, Rhodes with Ahum boat


The previous name of the Ikaria is Dolichi. According the  story , Ikarus’s wings has been melt  by the sun  and dropped to Island. This ısland named Ikaria , after the story.

Ikaria is located on  south Aegean region in Greece.The  most importatnt settlements are gialiskari, agios kirikos, armenistis and evdilos.

Ikaria is  not crowded  and beatiful  ısland in Greeces.


Samos is the  most beautiful, biggest and  desired ısland among to Greece’s Island for tourist . İt located very close to Turkey. It has amazing view ,  beautiful bays and nice location in  nature. Local  people in Samos are very friendly and helpful for the guests. The main city is located  in the middle of the ısland shape  like amphitheater  nearby the port.

Houses in the Samos are  colored with  very light and nice colors. Samos has nice  bays, as well.

Back side of the bays , many  carecteristic houses are  located  with narrow windows and  wooden balcony . They looks  the face of antiquity. Kokarini, one of the famous touristical village in Samos , is  located  10 km  far from the city centre.

Flora  makes beautiful view on ısland . Samos has like  endless beach,   very clean sea and  nice  restaurants and cafes . Kokkari  has  famous tavernas  for greek music

Pitogoria , The ancient city, is located  north of the Samos. Pitogaria  is one of the popular city with friendly  local people and  nightclubs

Karlovasi is  the second biggest town in Samos. Karlovasi has  excellent flora  and very long beaches , located in  south west part of ısland. İt is a specila place to be composed  with port, old city,modern city and village .Georgeus  mansions and  big , rococo churches are  needs to see in Karlovasi.

Marothokambos is located in the middle , hillside  of Kerkis mountain,  north –west  part of Island. Old , naturel houses, narrow streets with stone pavement,stone  fountain, nice churches and big squares are located in  Marathokambos.

Kerkis  maountain is  suitable  for the tracking . Local people produce to  vine with  home grown grapes. They produce  honey and  made  ceramics for the guests.


Located in  south within  12 ısland, close to Güllük  gulf  and  calls Holy Island .   Basend on the story, jesus Christ has been  seen  by  Saint John  in the cave of the Patmos. For these reason , Patmos is  holy  and pilgrimage cente for the christians.


Kos is the   closest  greek ısland to Turkey and  biggest ısland among   of 12 Greek ısland’s.. It is faw away from Bodrum  in 5 km . Kos has a longest beach  compare the other ıslands

Kos ısland has big space in mythology. Hippocratic has buil an  medical centre and  started to against for witchery as a treatmnet of disease.  As a lead of the doctors, Hippocratic,  lived in Kos for a long time and  advise  doctors to visit  Kos to complete the  hippocratic oath.

Kos  is a good combined city that  between  the historical  and modern city . Hictorical temples with an antiquity design,  shops, ruins and houses are  located together in Kos Island. It is possible to meet with  historical  temple or   statue when you  shopping in Kos.


Symne is the  cutest and  most elegant ıslanf among  Greek ıslands. It has great income   to producing ships from shipyard and  trade  for sponge  during  17th century but nowadays   has only income from the turizm . It is located close to Turkis border. It is  far from Bozburun  to 6,5 km . Smynis getting much more famous with   colorful homes and hospitaly.

Smyn  managed   by  government Rhodes. The population  of the island is  around 3.000 but rises to 6.000-7.000 during summer. More then 100  boats comes to  the port in everyday

Symne has big space in Greek mythology.The name of symne comes from  the wife of Poseidon, Nymph Syme. Symne known  as  a birth place of  deity in  mythology. It named by Ottomans  as Sömbeki. It camos from the  boats in the ısland calls Sümbek . Despite  sponge fishing is not  valid  anymore ,  suvenires  by made sponge  on the shops  that located in Yiolas port

It is very nice to takle a walk from the back side of port. You may see the excellent view in any corner. If you feel very  hot , we advice to go to the  centre of old city . You meet with  an excellent view again . Most of the people , who accomadte in Symne are  live  the house with perfect view

Most popular place in Symne is  Panormiti bay . Moni Taksiharki Michail Church is  an holy temple  for sailors and  located  in Panormiti bay. There is  an  icon thet represent to  Michail  as a protector of sailors.  Sponge  show s represent by local people as enretaintment for tourist

Symne and İzmir  announced as a brother  by the Greek people  at the beginning of 20th century. As a resulf of this  a similar  belfry in Aya Fotini church  in İzmir   has been built  in Panormiti in 1905. All other  necessary pieces  has been move to  Symne , after  the big fire on Aya Fotin church , İzmir in 1922

Pedi village is  has very nice beachs in Symnie. It is possible to  use  public transportation  or sea taxi  to arrive Pedi. You may go to Agios Nikolaos bay  by  sea taxi from the Pedi. Agia Maria is one of the adorable  beach in Symni ,as well

Monos, fish restaurant located in the port, is  crowed in every moment. We advise you to test  seafoods with the fun of  owners. The king of  Jordan Abdullah, his wife  quien Rania, Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro are  one of the celebrities that visit the  Manos.  It costs 50 per two  to have  meal in there

Mytios  is  the other popular fish restaurant in Symni.


Rhodes’s  strategic location  with its cultural heritage  make  Rhodes to  7 wonders of world . It is the biggest ısland among the 12 greek ısland.  It is taken under the protection  By UNESCO as "cultural heritage".

Thre is lots of  story  about Rhodes. The most popular one is  carrying to Rhodes by the  gods from the bottem of the sea .  Helen , The god os sun , ptotect to ısland  according to greek mythology

More then 1 milion tourist  visit to Rhodes every year. There  are lots of  hotels  are located in Island for these reason . You should visit to  Temple of Apollo, Port in Mandraki and Antichal theatre . You may see the sign of  St John knight on the  narrow streets,  churches, apalces etc..

Rhodes  looks  speretaed to  two parts as old city and new city from the far .Old city is located in the middle of the  castle covered by 6 big doors belongs to middle  ages.

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